Past Years Show

“The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” We are facing an epidemic of veteran casualties to suicide. Many reports and statistics have the number of veteran suicides hitting a horrifying number of 22 per day nationally. As civilians we can never imagine what it is like for a soldier to come home from war, but we can help raise awareness. We at Chi-Town Large Cars have their backs. For our 2017 Benefit and Show, our “Lucky 13” we brought awareness to this issue while helping a veteran and their family. When you see a soldier, Thank them.

We were able to honorably raise $11,500 which was given to “Canines for Veterans”.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors, friends, family, entertainment, members, the public, veterans, and everyone that made this event a great success.

We had daily speaking event with Kenneth Joseph of Patriot Project and entertainment by Jakebreak Junkie and music/emcee by DJ Bob Bass. We also enjoyed the company of public figure, Adam Calhoun.