Andy Morris

Some know me as Krazy Kiser some know me as the NVP. 30 yrs old have a beautiful wife Kaitlyn and two boys Brody and you all know little bam bam aka Ryder was raised in the Trucking world my step dad started PRM Trucking in 1987 .Didn’t really play sports in school went to work after school when I turned 20 I purchased the Smurf and went on my own.

Smurf: 1999 Kenworth W900L it’s 327” wheelbase has a 18spd with 3:33 rear powered by a e model cat. Horsepower is “cash me if you can”  

Been a member over 2 years and learned quickly what kinda brotherhood this club is and all the good it does it’s not just a sticker or a t-shirt we touch peoples live everyday for that I’m happy my family and I are a big part of this club.

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