Dusty McCann

My name is Dusty Mccann, I’m 43… I’m from a small town northeast of Richmond, Va called Warsaw… it’s minutes from the Potomac river and the Chesapeake Bay. My wife Layla and I have 5 kids between us, and she’s still adjusting to the “truckers wife” lifestyle lol. I’ve been around trucks my whole life… I’m a third generation trucker, I’ve been trucking 16 years now and about 13 of that has been over the road. I’ve done a little bit of everything but the majority of my experience is pulling reefer and end dumps… for the last 3 years I’ve been running a dedicated seafood route back and forth from Va to the gulf states every week… I’ve been a Chi-town member now for 5 years and looking forward to many more! Hope to see ya on the big road somewhere!

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