Joel Trommer

“Oompa Loompa”

I am 31 years old, driven 5 years. Got into driving for all the wrong reasons, but stayed for all the right ones. US Army National Guard veteran, with 13 months in GTMO. Whole life was dedicated to becoming a LEO, hurt my knee on deployment so here I am. Got into it for the money, stay for the brotherhood and camaraderie. January will mark a year in the family for me and I’ve loved every minute so far, and look forward to many more. Married to Lynnette Trommer with 2 children Nick 15 and Connor 11.  

Cherry is my ride currently, and she’s a 99 model Peterbilt 379 with a 3406E hooked to a 10 spd transmission and 3.70 rears. Currently showing 1.86 million on the clock and still running the highways daily. 

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