KW Moore

Age is none of your business, been trucking a long time, my wife Faith Moore and I became members in 2012, every man with a dream needs a woman with vision, always dreamed of owning my own, my wife made that happen, we purchased this 1997 Kenworth 900L, which we call “blossom” (old timer we bought her from asked if we could keep the name) has a 475 Cat single turbo 10 speed trans & 3:55 rears, we have 2 kids Serra & Jared, 2 cats and one huuuge Rottweiler named Jax, being a part of Chi-town is more than just a sticker it’s family you can depend on when things get rough, we love being a part of “this thing of ours” as members have become to call it , everyone puts in, everyone gets something out of it, it’s that simple 

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