Terry Borth

Hi I’m Terry Borth, one of the few western states members, I’m 47 been around trucks my entire life first memories was riding in my dad’s brand new 1972 Jimmy day cab, and like a few worked at a one man truck wash in Joplin actually where 4 states is located used to be an old truckstop called the Truckers Inn, which Petro put out of business, I starter driving when I was 25, started out being a OTR produce door swinger then went local construction dump truck driver for a bit, then when to a premier construction trucking company Viney trucking out of Ft.Colllins Colorado, they had and still have the nicest equipment around. But over 12 yrs ago I switched jobs and started for Burgener Bros. Trucking, which about 10 yrs ago they changed their name to Transpro Inc out of Ft.Colllins they had less then 30 trucking now over 150 company trucks with total of 6 different yards in Wyoming and Colo, we are northern Colorado’s premier dry bulk hauler. This is Jolene 2013 389 k-model glider with a 565 isx I’ve been a member for over 7 yrs, I mostly run around northern Colorado south eastern Wyoming and south western Neb.

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